Dunkirk, France, 2016  
Borders is a transmedia project that I have produce from January 2015 to April 2016 documenting the current migration and refugee crisis. This transmedia are divided on chapters exploring the different faces of this ongoing issue and tries to reproduce an entire image of this crisis through different viewpoints.

Since the Arab Spring, a large flux of refugees from troubled places around the Mediterranean peninsula reach Europe through many means. According to Frontex, Europe's borders agency, 283 532 migrants have arrived in Europe by seaways or by land, through illegal means. In reality though, many NGOs on the ground consider that Frontex's numbers are to be double to actually have the proper average of people that have entered or have tried to enter in Europe. Many of these men, women and children crossing the seas to beach in Europe will have perished at sea. For NGOs such as Médecins Sans Frontières, it is hard to estimate that have tried crossing as many of the boats attempted to reach the European Coasts appear undetectable. However for those that accomplishing the crossing, a long journey awaits them.

Arriving as a migrant into Europe illegally pushes these men, women and children to become shadows until they reach their goal, their final destination. Many have a country, a city or a town in head as often they want to reach places where they have ties. Ties like families reuniting themselves after the perilous journey to safety, or ties like relatives rejoining lost family members. They head for the big cities, such as Stockholm, London, Berlin or Paris. They live under bridges or makeshift homes by the motorway ring roads known as jungles.