Countries in the Middle East since the 17th of December 2010 have been reconstructing their societies, reforming the state's politics. This was called the Arab Spring, by the Western media. On the 17th of December, Mohamed Bouazizi immolated himself as a sign of protest against the confiscation of his goods and after having enough of indulging harassment and humiliation inflicted on him by those representing the state. His action became the spark that lead a wind of change within the Arab world. A storm that brought revolt, martyrs, the overthrowing of dictatorships, new democracies. but an unstable Middle East with the rise of radicalist groups such as Daesh.

Caught between Syria and Iraq, millions of civilians from different religions and ethnies, from different classes of society are trapped into the same fate by this conflict going on over borders. With ISIS perpetrating inhuman public executions, abusing human rights, perpetrating genocide of minorities, absolute anarchy reigns within the occupied lands, pushing the civilian population to be displaced from their homes and become refugees in the bordering countries and in Europe.

With this ongoing crisis that has been called the worst humanitarian crisis in modern times, it has become no longer a localised Middle Eastern / European problem, but more of a global crisis. The picture of Alan Kurdi drowned on a Turkish beach in minutes to being published has crossed travelled around the world. Using the social media tools of nowadays, people are globally aware and are a click away from the information.

We, the people of the world, are all responsible for this growing conflict and it is our responsibility to create the fairest and and most peaceful grounds for future generations. This project is a call for awareness to the rest of the world to resolve and invest into the issues questioning the universal human right to live. The role of the most progressed and advanced societies is to help those in need, and to welcome the displaced as well as resolving these conflicts, so that in turn, we can all be on a leveled playing field.