a rose brought me toward love,
‘get lost to start finding yourself’,
he gasped on his deathbed,
his phone held to his ear and mouth, 
before the cancer took his last breath, 
he passed on the baton.

seven years after,
many lands traced,
without really a sense of direction,
a velvet revolution,
kavkaz summits,
the river from the water of the sources,
everything came to meet me in the stream,
tight as a sailing knot, ready to be loose, 
ready to leave the past port behind,
onto another horizon.

what you will see next are the encounters,
many lands, many people,
tangled in time,
as threads of the carpet where my feet lay,
telling a decade-long story,
from leaving home,
half-boy to leave, half-man to be,
wandering, of making peace from within,
rememorializing those experiences, those places,
where the only cord tied to me is across my chest
,with an eye turned inside,
while the other is in your hand.

these constellations are part of a book to come,
not attached to any geographical place,
nor to a story of a person,
see them as combinations of beings,
while being so far from each other in meaning,
they become parallel portals of the present.

book dummy laid out from a physical workbook,
with 1064 10x8cm archival c-type photographs